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The Optera Group is a boutique business-to-business consulting firm that combines innovative sales and marketing strategy knowledge, sophisticated creative design, and the use of emerging technology to help our clients drive revenue by creating exceptional customer experiences. 

Optera Attends the ROOST JavaScript Conference in San Diego

ROOST is two days of part training, and part conference. It combines the best of both experiences and gives a real world application of programming principles. The speakers were Ben Alman, Mike Pennisi, Irene Ros, and Bob Holt from Bocoup.  Some of the topics covered were Application Architecture, Modularizing Code, Integration Testing and Optimizing the Application.  

The conference modeled a fully functional application called Roostagram based on the concepts of Instagram. At the end of the two days we had a fully functioning web app called Roostagram. While inspired from Instagram, Roostagram is much cooler.  It allows you take a picture from your laptop then run it through a photo filter provided by the vintage.js library. After you get the look you want it gets placed onto Roostagram.

Optera Wins Best Mobile App Category in Ragan’s 2013 Health Care PR and Marketing Awards

The Optera Group is pleased to announce that it has won the Best Mobile Application award in Ragan's 2013 Health Care PR and Marketing Awards.  Optera submitted an entry for Medtronic ST Nuerosurgery's iNS iPad sales aid. 

Optera is truely honored to recieve this award and is greatful to Medtronic to work on this wonderful project.

Read more about the award in Ragan's announcement, here.

Optera To Back Occipital's Kickstarter Project For 3D Structure Sensors

As part of Optera's on going technology evaluations to bring advanced technologies to commercial use for B2B marketers, Optera is backing Occiptal's 3D Structure Sensor on Kickstarter.  

Optera to Attend 5th Annual Health Care Social Media Summit

Optera will attend Ragan's 5th Annual Health Care Social Media Summit at the Mayo Clinic.  This great event will focus on how to use social media, video and mobile tools to engagement patients. 

Look for more info on the event coming soon!  Check out the event details, here.  

Think Big, Real Big! - How Game Development and Data Visualization Meet

Imagine you are trying process and display GPS and photographic image data from Google Earth, GIS elevation and topology data from Bing, and realtime atmospheric and oceanic data streaming in from multiple satellites and ground locations. Imagine you are doing it in a way that visually makes sense, is easy to navigate and displays those relationships with an ability to go forward and backward in time.

Imagine gathering over 100 terabytes of new data each week, and that you need to assemble that data in real-time over the internet in a format that is fast-enough to display in meaningful formats with an ability to literally fly through a three dimensional visualization of that data in a web browser, desktop application, or handheld mobile device.

Meet Gus

Gus is our mascot.  More to come soon in our blog.

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