Optera Group is a hybrid consulting firm that combines innovative sales and marketing strategy

to help our clients create exceptional customer experiences

Optera Group is pleased to announce we are combining forces with MEDamorphis

An industry-leader in eLearning for medical and healthcare solutions, MEDamorphis brings world-class graphics, education solutions and more to our client base.

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Best in class starts with a team of experts

The Optera Group is a team of tenured specialists that brings as much personality as we do experience to our projects. We don’t just love what we do, but we’ve also been doing it long enough to know what works. Everyone on our team has been in your shoes and walked the walk. Our time-tested talents put a breadth of knowledge, vigor and passion to work for your business.

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Exceptional customer experiences begin with our partnership

The Optera Group works with small single product companies to the largest multi-national brands. They all have one common trait – our clients are the industry leaders and want to stay that way. Our clients are aggressive, innovative and committed to being the best. We love helping them set the market standard and amaze their customers. Our clients also value their privacy and we respect that—as a general rule we do not reveal their names or samples of our work.

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Our blog is a source of relevant content for market advancement. Optera Group’s strategic management blog delivers relevant, timely and thought-provoking content in the realm of competitive strategy, innovative technology, go-to-market strategy, mobile sales enablement, healthcare market strategy, customer relations and customer retention, management consulting and more.

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